The NACVI is composed of researchers trained in Social Sciences and Criminology. In this section you may accede to information about your academic trajectories.


Ana Vigna

Assistant researcher and teaching assistant in the Sociology Department, Faculty of Social Sciences. B.A. in Sociology, Master in Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Universidad de la República (UdelaR). PhD student of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, UdelaR, and Universidade de Sao Paulo (Brazil).


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Clara Musto

Clara is currently studying the process of cannabis regulation in Uruguay. Her interest in this area comes from 2006, when she joined Proderechos, a NGO working on communication and politics for policy change. Since then, Clara specialised in the regulation of illegal markets and drug policy evaluation, and assisted the Uruguayan government on the regulation of cannabis.

Clara studied Sociology as her bachelor degree in the University of the Republic (Uruguay). In 2011, during her last year of College, joined the Criminology research group of the School of Social Sciences, and worked in a number of projects regarding Sex Work and Sexual Exploitation of minors, prisons, rehabilitation and penal policies, and drug policy. Currently she is also teaching assistant at the Faculty of Economics of the University of the Republic.

In 2013 Clara was awarded with an Erasmus Mundus fellowship for the Doctorate in Cultural and Global Criminology at the University of Kent (England) and Utrecht University (The Netherlands). There, she has specialised on advanced qualitative research methods for the study of illegal economies and organised crime.


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Emiliano Rojido

Emiliano has a background in Sociology in Uruguay (Universidad de la República), a postgraduate degree in Public Policy from the University of Chile (Chile) and a Master’s degree in Social Sciences from the State University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) where currently he is a PhD student. He has served as Coordinator of Information System in the State Management and Evaluation Area of the Office for Planning and Budget (Presidency of Uruguay), and he has worked as an independent consultant on issues related to violence, crime and public safety both at national and international level. He is currently a researcher at the Nucleus of Analysis of Crime and Violence at the University of the Republic (NACVI-UDELAR) and the Laboratory of Analysis of Violence at the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (LAV-UERJ). His main research interests include research methodology, violence, youth crime, prison system, police and evaluation of security policies.


Fiorella Ciapessoni

Assistant researcher and teaching assistant in the Sociology Department, Faculty of Social Sciences, B.A. in Sociology, Master in Sociology, Faculty of social Sciences, Universidad (UdelaR). PhD student of Social Policy & Social Work in the Centre for Housing Policy, University of York, UK. Awarded with an Overseas Research Scholarship 2015-2018 from the University of York.


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Nico Trajtenberg

Associate professor at the Departament of Sociology, School of Social Sciences, University UdelaR. He studied Sociology and Economics at the Universidad Udelar, and Criminology at the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, University of Oxford y University of Cambridge. His research topics are juvenile crime, criminological theory, philosophy of social sciences, explanatory models and methods to evaluate causal relations, public policies, normative grounding of punishment. He has presented conferences and seminars at a national and international level and has published articles, chapters of books and books on these topics. He has been professor at the undergraduate and graduate level of theoretical and methodological subjects, particularly in criminological subjects. Profesionally, he was worked as consultant in the topic for diverse national and international organizations (SERPAJ, MIDES, Min. del Interior, INAU, OEA, UNICEF).


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